Our Electricians

We get it; we are customers too; who has time for a service call, right? You're busy, and your time is valuable. We understand that 100%. This is why we pride ourselves on being on time! Having you wait for our Electrician is simply unacceptable! Call Mister Spark Westchester NY and you will get the best Westchester NY Electrician at your disposal.

At Mister Sparky we have an amazing guarantee that is truly America's best and we pride ourselves on having Westchester's top Electricians that are efficient and successfully licensed for all Residential Electrician needs in Westchester NY.


Our technicians are 100% certified electricians, who go through riggers training, schooling, and seminars all before ever visiting one of our valued clients home or business.

Welcoming & Well-mannered

At Mister Sparky Westchester NY we think we have made it rather simple; if our technician is caught smoking in your home or is caught using profanities in your home the service call is free.


Additionally if our technician does not wear "Show covers" within your home and/or finishes the job without cleaning up and leaving it the way it was prior to the visit once again you will not pay for the service call.

A Family Of Home Services:

Strong partnerships and a national support system.

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